Why Is It The Best Product Research Tool For Amazon – Jungle Scout Review

Becoming a top seller on Amazon can be quite simple if you have an effective plan pushing your marketing strategy on the platform. With new technology coming in to play almost every day, it seems foolish if you do not take the advantage of key information that can change your game entirely when planning your Amazon marketing strategy starting from product information research and sales analytics. If you want to beat the competition of growing sellers on Amazon, you can look into the functioning of Jungle Scout, one of the top product research tools for the platform. Here is a detailed review of the tool to give you a better idea of how its various features can be customized according to your individual marketing strategy.

Browser plugins for compatibility

The very first feature that should mark this Jungle Scout review should be the app’s availability in a variety of different plugins that make it compatible across multiple browsers. The plugins are extremely convenient to download and install and they work seamlessly with your browser to constantly collect data for your product analysis while you are working with setting up your amazon product profiles. One of the cons here is that the chrome extension for the app is a paid feature and requires additional payment apart from the basic feature package.

Product analytics with high tech tracker feature

Sales graphs collected in real-time can give you a much better prediction scope with regard to the projected sales of your products. Since Amazon is one of the busiest online marketplaces, it is only natural to assume a highly competitive product will need to work with clever keyword research and strategy analysis to get the average results that you need to register a profit. With the tracker feature in the Jungle Scout you can collect the live information of temporary and consistent sales spikes in various niches to understand your product against the real market behavior.

Database for the organized information collection

The product database helps to store important projections, graphs, and keyword analysis information so you can create marketing strategies that work according to the seasonal changes in your target audience niche. So for instance, if a category of product is saturated with a high competitor rate, in certain seasons, you can stay away from these niches during particular times while cashing in on the low competitor rates during the off-season market.

Pricing feature

Finally, the Jungle Scout platform is available in two different versions based on the pricing feature – lite and Pro. Both versions can be bought at a one time payment plan and you can avail lifetime access for the features under each package. While the pro feature will cost you around 197 USD plus taxes, the lite version is priced at a highly affordable 97 USD plus taxes.

Analyze the requirements of your product and your expectations from your Amazon marketing plan. The requirements of your strategy will determine whether you need to invest in the lite or the pro version of the tool. You will also be able to segregate your investment according to the volume of your requirement on whether you fall under the high volume seller, a growing business or an entrepreneur plan.

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