The Best Places To Work As A Freelancer

Find out the best places to work as a freelancer to get the most work done, and to get the least disturbances from other people or other uncontrollable factors. If you are one of the many freelancers in the UK, there is a really good chance that you don’t work in an office.

Remote working, freelancing and being an entrepreneur all give the pleasure of being able to stretch, roll out of bed and get on your laptop to work without even having to think about the thousands of commuters suffering through rush hour on their way to the office. The only thing is, working from home can have its downsides such as:

    • No distinct working space so, work and home get mixed up
    • Family life or housemates may make the space noisy
    • It can get lonely
    • You might not be as productive at home
  • It can get boring working from home everyday

If you are bored of slouching on the sofa whilst This Morning chugs away in the background delivering even more mundane news about the latest Z list celebrity and their latest venture, then these ideas for working spaces as a freelancer will get you inspired:


Libraries are incredibly quiet and suitable for working if you don’t mind paying for the internet. Some have a lovely big cafe to sit in, whilst others have set working spaces. Just don’t go if you’re one for loud conference calls as you’ll be getting plenty of dirty looks off lovers of peace and quiet who use the space for relaxation.


Much like libraries, these spaces can have a lovely cafe to work in, or just working spaces where you can use the internet for free.


If there was ever an inspiring and vibrant space to work in, it is a museum. Often with large cafes, the space isn’t designed for working, so do take a charged laptop and headphones (because of excited kids!).

Art Galleries

Some art galleries and even smaller cinemas have cool cafes and work spaces that are designed to accommodate creatives just like you. Ideal if you like to feel like you’re surrounded by similar people or inspiring conversations.

Coffee Shops

The quintessential entrepreneurs office the coffee shop is the first place people think of when they think about working from home. Somewhere big and faceless is an excellent choice if you want to get away with buying one drink and sitting there for 4 hours without anybody noticing. Smaller coffee shops will need you to buy at least a drink every couple of hours as a courtesy and they may not have sockets so do check before pulling up for a complete afternoon of work.

Why Not Create An Office At Home?

If you do find that you can’t depend on a shared space with the public for conference calls or important work, why not create an office at home? Use secure cheap self storage from providers such as to move items from your spare room or garage and create a dedicated working space just for you. You could even build a garden office for natural surroundings and enough distance from home to give you that work/ office psychological separation.

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