Why Dodgy Taxi Firms Are Best Avoided

For most people, taxi services are just taxi services and that’s pretty much where things come to an end. However, to assume that all taxi services in Camberley are of the same calibre can be a pretty dangerous path to tread as while getting from A to B is a pretty black and white affair, taxi service standards are anything but.

The thing is, these days it’s pretty easy for anyone with a car, a phone and a computer to set up a website and masquerade as a taxi driver. Worse still, there are those that really don’t see any problem at all with this way of working as just as long as they get to where they’re going, no harm done, right?

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the reasons why this way of thinking is really not the way to go at all:

You’ll Pay More

First of all, it’s about 99.9% certain that if you use a taxi service that’s anything but part of a properly established business, you’ll end up paying more for the journey. So already you’re on a losing streak as you’re handing over more cash than you would have had to with a more dependable provider, really for nothing in return. And even if the second-rate taxi firm you’re looking into tries to tell you they’re as cheap as it gets, chances are this won’t be followed through when put into practice.

You Won’t Be Comfortable

If you want to travel to wherever you’re going in a noisy, smelly, uncomfortable and perhaps even downright dangerous taxi, then calling any random driver without thought is the way to go. On the other side of the spectrum, standards across professional taxi circles have never been higher and travelling in the lap of luxury is the general order of the day. And when you consider the fact that you’ll probably end up paying a lower price to opt with the superior comfort option, there’s really nothing to gain by accepting anything less.

You Might Be Let Down

Choose a dodgy taxi firm and chances are they really aren’t going to care a great deal if the driver lets your down completely. After all, it’s not as if they’re likely to have a PR department or really anyone to answer to, so even if you paid in advance and didn’t get the service you were hoping for, it’s pretty much TS. By contrast, book with a professional and the somewhat archaic concept of a driver not turning up at all can be thrown out of the window – it just doesn’t happen.

You Might be Late

The same also applies to lateness as those with little to no regard for their own reputation generally have even less regard for the plans and commitment of their passengers. This is why there will always be those taxi companies that insist on arriving a few minutes early at least, while others just seem to turn up when and where they feel like it. More often than not, people only tend to book taxis when there’s somewhere they have to be at a certain time, so to run the risk of being late when there’s really no need to is not the best way to go.

You Might Not Get there at All

And then of course there’s the possibility that you won’t get where you need to be at all. First of all, you could be in the hands of a driver that really doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and nor does he have a license…this really does still happen even in this day and age. What’s more, the car itself may not have even seen a spanner or an oil change since 1985 and could therefore be on its last legs. In either case, you’re on a pretty slippery slope toward something unpleasant and your chances of a prompt arrival are certainly not all-that attractive.

You’re Helping Crooks Get By

Last but not least, while it may be a strictly ethical consideration to bear in mind it’s still worth noting that when you give your money to any dodgy taxi-types, you’re giving your money to crooks. And therefore, you’re making it possible for them to keep doing what they’re doing. For some this is hardly the end of the world, but for those that would rather see such barrel-bottom ‘businesses’ driven off the market once and for all, paying them for what they do really isn’t the way to help make it happen.

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