Top Tips On Preparing For The Christmas Motor Trade Rush

In preparation for the Christmas holidays many car owners will be signing their vehicles up for repairs and services. This gives them the complete peace of mind that they can rely on their wheels to get them from A to B without a glitch, whether it’s a last minute shopping trip or a drive to see the family on Christmas Day. This means that if you own a motor trade business you should start preparing your business for an influx of Christmas custom! Here’s how:

Stock up on essentials

In the lead up to Christmas give your stock a thorough once over and make sure that you have a good supply of all the essentials. It can sometimes take weeks to place and receive an order which could represent serious missed opportunities if you have to turn customers away due to lack of resources. You may even want to consider over ordering some items to ensure that you don’t run out during the peak of business!

Have an efficient booking system in place

Organisation is the key to pulling off a successful festive season. Make sure you have an efficient booking system in place and keep track of all drop off and pick up dates. Customers are not impressed if they experience delays during the hectic Christmas period! Make sure all your staff are briefed on the booking process and keep up constant communication.

Consider hiring extra help

If you’re expecting things to get really hectic it could be a good idea to consider hiring a Christmas casual. This will ease the burden on other staff members and ensure that all work remains top notch. The extra business that you’ll be able to accept should more than cover the wages of the helping hand. Advertising on sites such as Gum tree or in the local newspaper is a great place to start.

Review current insurance policy

Regardless of the month it’s essential for your business to be covered with a suitable motor trade insurance policy. That said, the influx of Christmas business immediately ups the chance of something going wrong which means a motor trade insurance policy that covers all bases has never been so important. Whether it’s something as small as a minor scratch or as complex as an on-road collision, an insurance policy will ensure that your Christmas trading period remains jolly.

Armed with these four simple tips you can go forth and take the influx of Christmas customers by storm!