What To Inspect Outside Luxury Apartments

In today’s era, the concept of joint families is slowly and steadily losing it roots in the Indian society. People are opting for living in a nuclear family rather than living with their extended family. Which is why the need for more and more new apartment projects is developing. Because people are moving out for personal, educational or professional reasons, the needs for their accommodation has also increased.

But there is one mistake that everyone tends to do while selecting and choosing their property. People always look at the luxury and novel aspect of the property and sometimes overlook the technical aspects and the infrastructural facility of the apartment. This is why being alert and educating yourself better about the project is very important.

The projects from the Janapriya Engineers Syndicate are the project which offers you the best quality of projects. People at the Janapriya believe in providing facilities worth the money of the buyer. They wish to do ethical business and maintain good relationships with their customers. Also, they think that as builders, it is their primary responsibility to provide houses which are safe and secure before anything else.

They are definitely doing justice to their work. They are handling their responsibility as a builder. All the apartments launched by the Janapriya builders have become instant success not just because of their facilities but also because of the amazing engineering of the project.

One such project of the builders that is going on currently and is being praised by the investors is the Janapriya Silver Crest.

The silver crest is an apartment which is located at the sainikpuri area of the city of Hyderabad. The sainikpuri area as we all know, is like the center and the heart of the city. The project shows that it is very strategically located and is well connected to all modes of transport and necessary places.

But that’s not it about the project. The project does provide several facilities like swimming pools, sports areas, beautiful scenic gardens, and a beautiful lake view. But that is not what we are talking about today. We are not focusing on the amenities this time.

We are going look at the specifications of the engineering of the project by the Janapriya Engineers Syndicate.

We will look upon the infrastructure and the other technical aspect of the project. Let us see its specifications,

  • RCC footings and slabs without beams- this makes the structure of the apartment even more strong and durable.
  • Flooring of vitrified tiles, kitchen porcelain tiles, utility rustic tiles, Asian tiles etc used for different areas of the apartment.
  • MS railing doors as well as teakwood finished doors for better strength and safety of the house is used.
  • Windows have fixed open grills and shutters so that there is more security as well as emergency exit.
  • High quality of cement and other raw materials used for the construction of the building.

These were some technical aspects of the Janapriya Silver Crest project. The builders provide this information on their website to keep the buyers updated.

The builders have made sure that the project is technical very well engineered and they have attained success also.

So what we suggest is that if you are planning to buy an apartment for yourself, choose smartly and pay attention to the technicalities of the projects along with its luxury factor. Because luxury can only stand strong when combined with good engineering.

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