What To Do In Case Of Clinical Negligence?

Clinical negligence cases can be spread over a broad spectrum. When you go to a doctor, you entrust your whole life in their hands. You believe in what the doctor says and accept treatment as prescribed by the doctor. However, not all doctors take their jobs with maximum responsibility.

Occasionally doctors prescribe the wrong medications and treatments that lead to potentially fatal effects. In the case of clinical negligence, the law gives you the opportunity to file a claim and get compensation for the doctor’s errors. It may not be enough to overturn the mental trauma and damage that you have been dealt, but, at least, you will be able to make ends meet in the near future.

Many clinical negligence cases are swept under the rug simply because the victims do not know where to go or who to approach. If you feel that you have been the victim of clinical negligence exhibited by a doctor, nurse or any member of a clinical facility, you should definitely talk to a solicitor who handles such cases.

Why Visit a Solicitor?

Famous solicitors such as www.mintons.co.uk have a reputation for providing top-notch assistance to people who are looking for guidance on how to handle clinical negligence cases. When you first approach a solicitor, they will ask you about the circumstances of the case. They will determine the facts and note down every piece of relevant information pertaining to the case. Once everything has been recorded in their notes, the solicitor will inquire how you wish to proceed.

There are two options available to you at this point. You can either ask for a settlement from the doctor, or you can take the case to trial. In most cases, your solicitor will ask you to settle. Settlement is a cheaper option since you will receive a hefty amount from the doctor directly. On the other hand, taking the case to trial leaves a bit of uncertainty, and the whole case can become quite protracted with the passage of time. If you choose to settle, the solicitor will write a legal notice confirming the facts of the case to your doctor and ask him or her to decide how they want to proceed. If the doctor chooses to settle, the matter will be resolved then and there. However, if the doctor refutes the claim, you will have no option but to take the case to trial.

Solicitors Provide Guidance

One of the main reasons why you should visit a solicitor is that they will give you the necessary guidance you require to proceeding further with the case. The lawyer will listen to your story and provide a professional opinion about how much money you can expect as compensation as well as how long it might take for the case to be resolved. If you have never dealt with the law before, getting guidance is very important and will make your life incredibly easy.

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