Select The Best Label Printers For Your Labeling Jobs

Label printers unique type of printers which have ability to print on the stock of the card, self adhesive labels and other type of unique materials. They are unique due to their feature to speed up the feed mechanism which makes it easier to handle tear sheets easily. There is an inbuilt tiny sensor in the printer which helps to detect notches which is used to label stock to print on the material. It helps in shifting the printing location continuously while maintaining the alignment and adjustment correctly so that it hits the target properly.

The label printers are used to print on:

  •        Retail price marketing
  •        Fixed assets
  •        Supply chain management
  •        Blood Specimens
  •        Shipping labels

There are two types of Label Printers available in the market:

  • Thermal Transfers: These are thermal transfers through heat where ink is transferred from the ribbon to a permanent print. It is used to transfer images onto labels using the ribbon ink to get a desired matt finish. It uses three grades of ribbon which are Wax , Resin and wax resin both .Resin ribbon is resistant to chemical , scratch where as the wax ribbon is suitable for semi gloss paper .The resin and wax mixed ribbon is best suited for synthetic labels.
  • Direct Thermal Transfers: It uses the paper which is heat sensitive and print the material lasts for a year before it starts fading away. Direct exposure to the sunlight leads to increased fading that’s why it is suitable for short during printing projects only.

Industrial label printers are used in large factories, manufacturing units and warehouses where a heavy duty printer is required for continuous operation. Portable label printers are easy to carry from one place to another to get the labeling done. There are various types of portable printers available in the market which can be operated by battery which is rechargeable and gives continuous work flow out of it. These printers are light in weight and can be carried easily. Label printers are smart and handy to use by attaching it with an USB cord which helps in organizing and printing the labels.

The printers have inbuilt software’s to store and organize data into any kind of data or size. Black and white printers are the most common one, but according to your requirement you can select the type. It varies in price depending on the features offered, so you need to select the model and type according to your requirement and budget.

There are various companies available in the retail market or online stores which sells latest technique label printers. You need to research well on the web about the specifications and features offered by them. Compare the features and prices available on the different websites and select the best one for you.

Get a detailed information about the manufacturer and seller to get surety about the genuinely and reliability of the product. The company should have great customer support and servicing facilities to avoid any discomfort after buying the printer.

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