Usability Lessons To Help Improve UX

User experience, or just UX, is something that we experience on the daily. While this term is mostly used for users online, it actually happens to everyone. If you want your website to attract more customers, there are some things that you can change. For those who need help, you can just visit Polished Pixels AB testing service, where they will help you with all kinds of UX things.

Many people and users do not really think about usability until there is none. When we visit a site that has great user experience or customer support service, we usually do not comment on it and just move on with our day. However, the story completely changes once we are offered bad user experience, and that is something that we will discuss in this article.

There are many things that you can do to improve the UX on your website, product or service you provide, and the following list might help you out:

  1. The meaning of usability

Before you can improve or make something it is commons sense that you first understand what that something is and what it means. Just like that, do you know what usability actually means? Well, usability is here to make sure that something works as well as it should and that users of average ability will be able to use it for the purpose that it is meant to be used for.

  1. Web applications

It can be quite annoying to visit a site and not even be sure what the site has to offer, which is why a golden rule is that a site should explain itself from the very beginning. As much as it can be humanly possible, when we look at a page we should already know what it is about. If you need any help with this, you can just visit Polished Pixels and ask them for help.

  1. Puzzles are annoying

You should not make your users think a lot when they are on your website since if they are there to buy shoes, they should not question how that is done. People who build sites should care enough to make it fairly obvious to their users how things work and what privileges do they get.

  1. Nobody wants to waste their time

The reason why websites were even created, among other things, is to not waste the customers time and to get right down to business. Because of this, users tend to act a bit vicious; meaning they have to move or they will ‘die’.

  1. Undo and back

One thing that we all wish we had even in real life is a back or undo button, and just like that, online users cling to this a bit too much. So, do not make it difficult for them to go back to the previous page they were on because they might actually just quit.

  1. Don’t hide buttons

Some buttons are more impotent than others, and you should try to make them fairly obvious and not a puzzle to find. Some of these buttons include: Log in, Signup, Search, Log out, Contact and other buttons that are specially made for your website.

Final Word

The fact is that if your site is easier to use than some other site that offers the same thing as you, customers will visit your site way more often. Online users are looking for great usability and they want a site that offers just what they want.

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