US Market To Grow Significantly

Recent figures and estimations by economists suggest that the Mass Notification Market is likely to grow significantly by 2018.

The market is one which comprises a huge variety of products and services which are used liberally throughout the world. It includes hardware, software and services, solutions, public alert and warning, healthcare and defense, automotive, transport and logistics and government among others, and operates across a number of geographical locations.

Key among these various locations are North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe (EU), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America (LA).

The good news for the many locations which are involved in the market is that the entire market, rather than just one place or element, is expected to experience large growth in terms of economic gain and future prosperity, job prospects and demand for services from other nations.

However, the majority of the celebrating should be done by North America which is predicted to have the largest of the growths. Whilst the current value of the NA market stands at $2.41billion, economists expect this figure to reach a staggering $6.41billion by the year 2018. Following closely behind in terms of expected growth is Europe whilst the other regions are all expected to follow suit.

The report is significant for businesses which operate within North America, especially those who rely upon other businesses for services including Dallas 3PL.

The report was compiled and presented by MarketsandMarkets, a US based market research and consulting company.

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