Ultimate Benefits Of Using Moffett Delivery Trucks

Moffett delivery truck

A Moffett can be described as a forklift truck that is mounted to a lorry. Using a Moffett, the delivery driver can self-load and unload at the given destination without a forklift. They would also not have to wait for any onsite forklift trucks and operators. Moffett directly gets attached to the delivery vehicle but leaves 100% space on the vehicle.

What Are The Benefits?

The Moffett delivery truck come with several benefits, which are listed below:

Health And Safety

It promotes health, safety, and productivity. As there is no need for any manual handling or lifting, the overall risk of any type of injury can be significantly reduced. This means it can lead to better health of the employees and promote greater productivity. Also, the overall work can be done faster with this machine than what will be done manually- this also enhances productivity. It is indeed a more efficient way of delivering pallets.


The driver will be able to operate a forklift, which means there is no need to hire two employees to do the job. The forklift is mounted on a trailer, which means there is no need to hire any other machine for transporting the pallet once it is on the site. Once the minimal overhang of the forklift is ensured, it rests assured that the equipment will follow the overall trailer regulations.


The Moffett delivery truck are very versatile; they can easily adapt to any weight or distance. This is why they are considered to be a reliable choice for a wide range of functions. Whether heavy pallets are needed to be transported, or there are no offloading facilities, a forklift-mounted truck can easily deliver anywhere within the given site.


The forklifts can deliver anywhere within the site, it would include places with uneven terrain. With a forklift, customers can rest assured that their pallets will be delivered safely. This holds, even if the truck has to travel through irregular terrain. Places that are considered to be restricted grounds can be tackled easily by the Moffett trucks.

Lightweight And Durable

These Moffett are small in size and very lightweight too. But they are quite durable and capable of carrying heavy loads up to 1.75 tonnes. This is one of its primary features, which contributes to its versatility, and thus it can be used for all kinds of pallet deliveries. This would include delivering to the most remote sites and locations.

These trucks are designed keeping in mind different types of workplaces. They are efficiently designed to maximize truck capacity. It comes with an all-wheel drive, which can be used on the warehouse floor as well as on the most irregular terrain. It is one of the most cost-efficient products that can help in several ways.

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