Safety For The Elderly

An accident is bound to happen especially when one grows old. The likelihood of an accident occurring is dependent upon the living conditions of the individual. If it occurs due to the negligence of one party, one can seek the services of an accidental lawyer to handle the case. However, many accidents can be avoided if the right procedures are put into consideration. Among the aspects to put in place to ensure the senior citizens are kept safe include;

Make Help Accessible

First, you need to make sure that the elderly has easy access to help. That may include having a helping hand closely at all times. However, most people cannot afford to hire professional help for their elderly.You can try to find a qualified professional on They even offer Care coupon codes to lower the costs.For that reason, you need to avail numbers they can call for help easily. Add numbers​ such as 911, the poison helplines and a family member. If stored on a phone, put them on speed dial for the best results. The elderly then ought to the trained on exactly what to do in the case of an accident. This way, they can be easily and quickly reached and offered help.

Prevent Falling

You can start doing this by having a special falls risk assessment carried out on the person at risk. It will reveal areas that need to be focused on to keep the subject free from falling.

One way to prevent falls would be having the subject commit to an exercise routine. Whether they qualify to carry out exercises or not will be decided by a professional health practitioner of one’s choosing.

One should also consider the types of footwear that will prevent falls. Rubber soles should be considered as they have a better grip on the ground. Also, the shoes should be as simple as possible to prevent tripping over loose shoelaces.

If falls are common, one should consider having ways of calling for help if they can’t get up. For instance, today’s smartwatches can be used to call for help with the touch of a button dedicated to that.

The one at risk should avoid any quick movements such as running to answer a call or trying to catch a falling object such as a bowl. For a phone, have a mobile phone in a pocket or pouch that they can walk with at all times.

With age, one needs to highly consider walking assistance such as a walking stick or other item. This is better than using walls and household items to stay stable. Also, the walking stick should be fitted with a rubber base to keep it stable when being used.

Clear the Home of Danger

Among the aspects that might put the elderly in danger of accidents include poorly lit locations. All parts of the home such as corridors, paths and stairways should be kept free of any darkness.

Removing moving items may also make the home a safer place for senior citizens. For example, movable rugs should not be placed at the bottom or top of a stairway or at the door. If you must place a rug at any part of the house, tape it to the ground so that it stays safe from causing falls and other accidents.

The elderly would be safer with these practices in place. Many other important practices can make it better for the elderly to live their senior years without issues such as falls and poisoning. Making a home safe may be easier than most people ever think. In fact, building a home should have such practices considered right from the start.

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