Top Apps For Iphone 6 And 6 Plus Worth Downloading

Apple technology truly brings simplicity and sophistication in a grand scale no one can match. Be it Mac Books or be it the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus- Apples technology only moves forward. The iPhone comes with seamless integration that makes the software and iOS pretty iron clad and iPhones can greatly enhance productivity and performance.

Download these amazing apps that are a must have for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to take their iPhone experience to the next level:

Twitterrefic 5

Twitterrefic is perfect for users who are always tweeting on the go as it has a powerful design and user interface allowing you to better manage your twitter handle. The app comes with eye catching themes that gives you live streaming of trending topics on Twitter, comes with timeline sync and amazing filtering options to keep your Twitter feed active and clean showing you everything you need to know. With gesture controls, manage Twitter like never before and Tweet like no one’s business!


With an amazing display and thanks to larger screen sizes, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is all about its awesome display which makes it quite mandatory to have an app letting you enjoy videos and movies. The iMovie app helps you shoot and edit videos seamlessly so you can better enjoy your experiences around you. With a good memory space of 64GB or 128GB this is one addictive app that will leave you making home movies for just about every occasion! Get the iPhone 6 at ridiculous prices using amazon coupons and enjoy the benefits and features of apps like iMovie and many more.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

With a better display, faster processors and an amazing screen, this game is a must download especially for those who crave for speed. Play this addictive game on your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus like never before and as you enter and drive through surreal roads and set them on fire. You get to enjoy state of the art visuals and dynamics that will leave you mesmerized and addicted and you can also find yourself pitted against 3 opponents. This has got to be the best car gaming experience you can find!


Elevate has won numerous accolades and is one of the best apps for your phone. Through Elevate you are put through a series of brain teasers and puzzles that will keep your mind on its toes and in turn help you strengthen and sharpen your memory, comprehension skills, focus, speaking skills as well as your math. It’s a great app for all age groups and will surely prove to help you hone your mental prowess and sharpen your mind. With increased memory, be sure to keep in mind to use flipkart coupons to buy the latest iPhone at great prices and enjoy the perks of amazing apps from the App Store.


Humin is your personal butler and is great for those who want to get a British kick out of their lives. Humin helps you remember how you met people and helps remind you where you met that person to avoid embarrassing encounters in the future. You can easily ask Humin to give you details of your meetings by asking who all you met last week, whom you met in London etc. and the phone will spit out the required information.

These apps are surely the future of technology and it is amazing to know the future is so smooth and simplified. Download these apps on your iPhone as well for an enjoyable non fuss ride where your phone can take care of most of your problems helping you live a simplified life!

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