Make Your Own Informative Video Using Movavi

Today most of us connect with each other and share knowledge through videos that are available online. There are many web portals and online websites that let bloggers and fresher to post their videos and posts so that everyone can see what they want to share. These videos are generally very informative and help us in many ways. You may either be on the side that makes such videos and uploads them or be on the other side that takes full advantage of the videos by watching them.

However you must have faced this problem several times when you need to crop your video or delete some unwanted things or unnecessary information so that whoever is watching your video gets to see only the most important details and elements. Generally backgrounds of videos do not contribute anything to the finished products so it is best to delete them.  Here are some simple instructions that will help you crop the video clips easily and as quickly as possible.

  • Download Movavi video editor and install the file on your computer by following the installation wizard.
  • The editor lets you edit videos in two modes- Timeline and Storyboard. Storyboard is a more simple approach where you can only work with one track at a time for video and images while the Timeline or the default mode lets you work with multiple tracks at one time. You can easily switch between the two modes.
  • From program main menu panel click on the add media files and select the file that you want to crop. Drag the file from the media tab and drop on to the working area below. Define the desired area that you want to crop from the preview area and that’s it your job is done.
  • Moreover Movavi does not keep you limited to crop video, it also lets you splitting, merging and improving video quality. You can add special effects, titles, captions, music and many more things.
  • Guess what is the best part-you can save your video in any popular format. There are over 180 formats from which you can choose and then later watch the video on your computer, burn it to a DVD, transfer it to a mobile device or even upload it on YouTube or other such channels. Just choose your desired option and specify the video settings if necessary and click Save.

The things that you can do with Movavi Video Editor are endless and you can just keep exploring options and ideas without any hesitation. You may combine AVI files, create slideshows, transfer VHS to DVD, add text titles to video and much more. Hopefully you will now have an amazing experiencing of making a perfect video for your blog that will look professional.

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