Tips For Repair And Maintenance Of An Outboard Or Outdrive

Having an outboard or outdrive is really a great thing for anyone and especially for those who love fun, romance and adventure. It is because you can use your outdrive whenever you wish to go on an adventure in the seas or oceans. Since outdrive requires lots of investment therefore it is equally important to maintain and get repairs at regular intervals of time or whenever required. All the parts of outdrive or outboard are mechanical in nature and hence require lots of expertise and knowledge in order to handle, repair or maintain the same.

People who have complete knowledge about automotives and the parts used in the same can do necessary repairs of their own. Those who don’t have much knowledge may also wish to get to know about the same. They can also repair outdrive or outboard by following the instructions or tips available over internet in the form of Top Outboard / Outdrive Repair Video. Below mentioned tips may prove to be quite useful in repairing or maintaining your outdrive or outboard.

Greasing- It includes greasing of the propeller shaft by removing it from the motor boat or outdrive. It is done by removal of the prop nut and all the concerned hardware. The prop nut can be pulled straight off in an easy manner followed by removal of the thrust hub. Following this, the prop shaft is greased in a gentle manner. It also allows you to check the prop for any wear, tear or damage so that the same may be repaired, if so required.

Gear lube servicing- It is done by removal of the filler plug near the bottom of the drive and the vent plug which is located near its top. The gear lube is drained out completely so as to check it for any moisture or metal fillings. In case, such signs are visible, then the gear lube needs to be replaced. In case, replacement of the gear lube is required then it is done by pumping the same into the bottom hole followed by replacement of both the plugs.

Cleaning of the motor drive- It is also important from point of view of maintenance of the motor boat or out drive. You need to clean the outer surface of the drive regularly so as to make sure that it is checked for any scratch marks or other damages. You may paint the damaged surface using Mercruiser paint and the primer.

Apart from regular repair and maintenance which is mostly done for the important and most-used parts of the motor boat, you also need to get it serviced on the whole after every 2-3 years. It involves repair and maintenance of the tilt cylinders, U-joints, gimbal bearing, and bellows. The engine alignment also needs to be checked for its accuracy. Similarly, replacement or repair of the impeller is also necessary so as to keep your motor boat in proper working condition.

Following these simple tips, you can keep outdrive or motor drive in its original condition and enjoy your trips on it for life time.

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