Time To Evoke The Benefits Of Personal Computer

While we all keep hearing about iPhones, iPods, iPads, and their increased sales, diehard Apple fans are convinced they are getting the best product for their money.

PCs Cost Less

We think otherwise. Below are five excellent reasons why PCs are still a MUCH better option than Macs.Macs continue to be priced way too high. Show me you do not agree. And if you don’t, then you have been hypnotized, as well. Apple stores and apple.com have formulated a one-world pricing market for all things Apple, while in the PC universe, you will find multiple brands, plenty of retail stores, tons of sales and rebates, and many inexpensive refurbished components on the market that folks can use to create their own dream machines. Apple’s lowest priced laptop is still above $1,000. You can obtain a PC laptop for $400 at Best Buy. Of course, they are different in quality, but a nine-year-old who needs to create a book report won’t need 0.13 inch-thin wafers of light weight aluminum. Households, non-nerds, and the majority of the adult world require less-expensive choices, and for $450, the one thing Apple sells which has a screen and reads email is an iTouch or iPhone.

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Games Play Better on PCs

Macs have, for whatever reason, never been good for gamers — games for the Mac have mostly been an afterthought while Microsoft is knee-deep in its Xbox project. For PC users, using a top-of-the-line personal computer means having the ability to purchase a selection of games so big you’ll never truly have to get a video game system. At the same time, the Mac causes you to feel like a Russian searching the bread shelves for crumbs of entertainment that could be introduced on the impulse of cruel programmers. On top of all that, the price and issues Macs have in changing out graphics cards, that is vital if, possibly, you actually planned to keep playing modern day games. Steam and Game tap make the PC a gaming-on-demand provider with countless retro and existing game titles there for the taking. Game Tap can work with Macs, but only Intel processor-based ones — and not for all game titles. And thus it goes, until you wish to tear your hair out.

Apple Is Fascist

You cannot build a Mac without difficulty, and you cannot really customize them, as well, not if you don’t want to invalidate your warranty. They are like expensive sports cars managed with a single computer chip, repairable only at your dealer for an arranged price. Hacking a Mac feels like a crime to fanboys, and it can be done with some work, but with a visit to Fry’s Electronics along with a little lunch money, you can basically soup up your own Windows sports car. That is not attractive to the majority of people — but you can find incredible things you can do on PCs with do-it-yourself software that usually is not OS X-compatible in any way. Patiently waiting for a Mac patch of a file-sharing application, cellular phone patcher, or anything your freedom-cherishing heart wants can seem like exile. Certainly, Macs have a smaller amount of viruses, worms, and malware, but they also have costly, difficult-to-mod products that end up obsolete in a few short years. The same principle transpires with PCs as well, but they’re much cheaper.

PCs Rule the Media Machine Market

I am able to see the Mac users undoubtedly bleeding out of their earholes above this one. Screw you; Macs are able to do every little thing with multimedia in the whole universe! Simply no, they cannot link up to everything. 3 letters for you: D-V-R. Windows Media Center is known as a DVR alternative for many years now, streaming all the video content you desire, simply because Bill Gates swings that way. Apple favors Front Row, their cheerful little interface containing no TiVo magic in any way. Apple TV, a set-top box which should have been introduced as a DVR, instead locks you to an iTunes account and a media-purchasing DRM-rental-blindered notion of “fun.” It could possibly be easier to use an iPod and a Mac to download Television shows, however you are also stuck with a single media store, absolutely no recording options, and no way out as soon as you are thoroughly sucked in. Yes, I am aware there are third-party DVR choices for the Mac. But for the amount Macs cost, a person would think they could bundle one in, correct?

It’s a PC World

In the event you wish to operate your business with a healthy amount of cheap labor from India (or, with the weak dollar, Louisiana), just keep in mind that it’ll be Windows you will have to run it on. But Macs run Windows you say! Yes, I am aware. The Mac is a fine, high-end Windows device. And it is really cool that Macs run Windows. Even so the real issue is, when will OS X work well enough to never need to run Windows in the first place? The capability to boot up Windows is not so much a Mac triumph as it is Bill Gates’ victory. He now has compatibility to his competitor, which was the entire idea to begin with. Apple should follow suit and allow for iLife being accessible to Windows users. Obviously, they won’t. And each time I need to boot up Windows to launch some unknown computer software I would like to run mainly because I remember  OS X cannot run it. Apple’s style and design is the slickest out there, but what I would like to see is an even more wide-open computer, a computer where almost everything it does is better than a PC… not simply most things. Until then I am going to jealousy those PC people a small bit.

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