The Most Reliable And Money-Saving Mobile Networks On The Market Today

Are you searching for ways to save money this year? Well, the answer could lie in switching your cell phone service provider. The fact is, as compared to previous years, today’s customers have lots of options as far as cell phone services are concerned. By changing your service provider and carrier, you can reduce your monthly bill drastically. Here are some of the best mobile networks in the market:

  • Sprint

With its recently unveiled new unlimited freedom plan, it is bound to draw in many heavy as well as moderate data users. It offers unlimited text, talk, gaming, streaming video and music for a $60 fee for the first line, $100 for two lines and $30 for each one after that. This can go up to 10 lines. These prices are very cost effective for the customer.

Boost Mobile which runs on Sprint network offers 2GB data for a monthly fee of $35 or $30. As compared to other carriers, Boost offers 2GB for much less. In addition, Boost Mobile family plan 5GB is ideal for a family setup. So, for $135 or $140, each line gets 5GB, so people don’t need to share. Moreover, for every three consecutive payments, you get an extra 500mb.

  • Verizon

With its flat fee of 20$ for each phone tapping into its sharable data plans, it is rated as one of the best. What more, it has good reviews for text, voice and web services. Not so long ago, they unveiled a new plan which offers 30 percent more data to its customers with carryover data that you can retain. Well, carrying forward unused data is a wonderful deal, don’t you think?

  • AT&T

With its reduced fees per phone of $15 rather than $25 for every purchase of more than 5GB of shareable data, this seems like a great offer. Its users also rate it highly in text, voice and web services. Cricket Pro which runs on AT&T, is a mobile service plan which offers $55 or $60 for 10GB data. This is a big data for such a great price and it is ideal even for heavy data users.

To enhance mobile security, AT&T has already unveiled their January security patch for the Blackberry Priv. This is done in a bid to further protect the device from compromising one’s private information as well as personal details. It also helps to guard against unwarranted pop-ups.

  • T-Mobile

Its service plans are slightly cheaper than those of AT&T and Verizon although it does not provide data sharing phone plans. This means that you must buy data for each phone in your household. Not so long ago, they reduced their prices for those purchasing 6GB data or more for every phone which results in more savings for households that have many phone lines. With this service plan, the monthly rate for four phone lines when using 6GB data drops to $120 as opposed to the $160 spent previously.

In today’s cash -strapped economy, people are looking for ways to save a penny here and there. The good news is mobile service providers have provided a great way out. So, I guess the main question here is: why spend more when you can still enjoy great mobile phone services for less? Be wise: make smart choices.

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