How A New Brand Can Use PPC Whilst Protecting Profits

If you want to promote a new brand online and you want to drive traffic to its pages immediately, then you can apply PPC advertising techniques to do that.

However, PPC, if done poorly, can really burn a huge hole in your pocket. Many online marketers think that once they bid for certain keywords, traffic will automatically flow and they can easily close sales. It is not that simple. PPC is an effective online advertising tool, but you need to employ proper PPC management to maximize your brand exposure, generate traffic and protect your profits.

Profitable Keywords

Before signing up with any PPC platform like Google AdWords and Yahoo Advertising, you must identify the sets of keywords that are profitable. Not all keywords are created equal. Some may not generate the right traffic for you, and that is going to be costly. You can identify related keywords that are profitable by looking at the number of searches they generate. You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, Majestic SEO and WordTracker.

Once you determine which set of keywords generates the most number of searches at a given period, you can now sign up and bid for these keywords.

Highly Targeted Traffic

Another important aspect of PPC management is the process of targeting specific traffic. It is true that there are millions of people visiting the Internet every day.

However, not everyone is your ideal customer. If you are selling products that target the affluent consumers and you attract people who cannot afford what you offer, then you are going to lose money. You cannot generate profit from this type of consumers. Yet, you still need to pay your advertising expenses; therefore, you need to filter the audience that you would like to visit your page. You can hire a digital marketing agency to help with this as many aspects of PPC marketing are quite complicated.

Social media advertising is another type of PPC marketing that allows you to select specific demographics to be reached by your advertisement. You can narrow down your reach by selecting the age, gender, marital status, income bracket and even preferences of your target audience. That way, only the ideal prospects can view your advertisement; hence, you can maximize your PPC investment as these people are more interested and can afford to buy your products.

Lockdown your Visitors

Once you generate a continuous flow of traffic to your website, the next thing you should do is to lock these visitors by getting their contact details. You cannot expect your visitors to purchase any product during the first visit; hence, you need to get their contact details to keep the communication going.

Convince them to give out their name and email address in exchange for freebies. It could be anything that they can take with them for free. It could be a discount, a PDF report or a set of video tutorials. Once you get their email, you can now run a small email marketing campaign. People are observed to make a purchase after a couple of email promotions.

PPC management is really important not only in driving traffic, but also when it comes to protecting your investment and profit.

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