8 Interesting Information About Websites

Websites are string identifiers that define a professional, administrative autonomy or control within the World Wide Web. Using the increase of Internet activities over the past few years, website names are becoming extremely popular. Over 100,000 domains are registered daily. But do you know that websites incorporate some interesting facts? Listed below are some of them.

1. The first website name

Symbolic.com was the very first domain name to be registered. It turned out registered on March 15, 1985, when domain name registration was free. Although many websites that were registered after symbolic.com died eventually, the website still stands strong. It is operational until today.

Domain name registration was free

Around 1995 domain name registration was free! People accustomed to enjoy registering numerous websites as they wished without extra charge. Network solutions were presented with authority to start charging website names in 1995. At this time domains were looking for $100. Couple of years later, the value dropped to $70. After a while website names have dropped considerably since ICANN (The Net Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) was formed to regulate website registration.

3.  There aren’t three character.com domains anymore

Three character websites are very easy to memorize and write. This will make them preferred among business people. Although three character.com domains can make as much as 50,000 names, all of them happen to be taken. Because of this you are unable to be able to register these domain names even if you’d like to.

 4. Shortest domain name

Google has legally acquired the shortest website on earth. Its a single letter url of your website that Google has acquired to assist its Chinese market to locate Google services easily. Google is recognized as the main forces behind Internet evolution. The thrill thing is always that Google never was meant to be Google.com. It was first proposed being called googol.com. During registration, it absolutely was discovered that googol.com had been taken. That is when google.com reversed to Google. Nevertheless Google went to be just about the most frequented sites today. Was the progress of your name a blessing?

5. Longest website name

It’s good to remember that you will be only allowed to get a website name of up to 63 characters. Regardless of whether long domain names don’t appeal well to a lot of internet surfers, people still need to get fame anyway. For this reason we have a great deal of long domains. It means, therefore, that you’re mostly planning to see changes as a lot of people attempt to break the Guinness world record.

6. Most expensive website names

Understandably some domain name are saved to demand. For the reason that businesses want to have a domain address that matches their business brands. What smart people will do is always to register domain names early in anticipation for the rise in industry value. Each time a business crops up with the exact same name, the website name owner can cash a great deal of money if he decides to trade. Not too long ago there have record-breaking url of your website prices. This Season, carinsurance.com was sold in an astonishing price of $49.seven million. The viewers that bought the website also bought insurance.com at $49 million, the other highest website price.

7. Most domains can be registered on a daily basis

Mike Mann sports this record for registering one of the most domains right away. The guy bought and registered 14, 962 websites right away. In their reply to why he did so, the guy said that he was greedy so he needed more.

8. Soviet Union lives on

Many might have overlooked the Soviet Union existence, more so the young. The map that shows USSR must are already printed before 1991. However there are many people while using Soviet Union (.su) until today. In fact, there are approximately 100,000 .su website names, and their popularity is maintaining growth. Even with the unsettlement that is going on, these websites remain popular.

9 .Bonus

Domain names that cannot be registered – there are some domains that can never be registered. For example, example.com can’t ever be registered. Which means the website cannot belong to someone. Such domain names are kept for special purposes only.

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