Rising Crime In Leeds And The Need For Security Guards

As of 2017, crime rates in Leeds are higher than the average. Even compared with other areas in West Yorkshire, such as Bradford or Wakefield, crime is higher too. Crime is also on the rise in Leeds, and has been for the past three years, with no evidence to suggest it will slow in the near future. For this reason, if you are responsible for the security of your business and its premises, you’ll want to consider hiring a security firm to protect your building.

Crime is on the Up in Leeds

In March 2014 crime was recorded as 18.82 per 1000 people, higher than the figure for West Yorkshire, which sat at 16.39. By March 2017 this had risen to 29.93 per 1000 people, still higher than the West Yorkshire figure of 27.27. This means that crime has risen by more than 50% in the three year time period. Currently, the annual number of crimes recorded per 1000 people in Leeds is 114.37. This is higher than the average for West Yorkshire, and higher than any other Police area in the county. This crime rate is also higher than the average crime rate across similar cities. It sits at around 10 more reported crimes than the average for other cities with a similar population size.

Protecting Your Business

So, there is rising crime in Leeds, and this means that if you have a business based there, you may want to consider employing the services of a security company. There are many Leeds security services to choose from, but you’ll want a firm that is reputable, and can provide the manpower for your business. When seeking a security company in Leeds, you should first look for their reputation. Is the company well-known in the area? Do they have good reports from satisfied customers? You can request client testimonials from the company to learn about their background. You can also check for any complaints on the internet. If the company does have an outstanding reputation, a simple Google check will reveal it.

Knowing Your Business is Covered

If you are a business manager who is in charge of property in Leeds, you’ll probably want to invest into manned security for your building. There is rising crime in Leeds, with little evidence that the rate will slow. Police evidence shows that the average crime rate in Leeds is higher than other cities of a similar size, also the highest rate in all of West Yorkshire constabularies. When choosing a security service in Leeds, you can make sure you employ the right guards for your premises by ensuring that the company has a good reputation, first and foremost. Shop around, and ask each company for testimonials or references from other clients in the area, to see if they have been happy with the service. Any reputable security agency should easily be able to provide you with solid feedback from other customers.

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