Marketing Systems But No Marketing Help

Many systems, but no support, are the problem with online businesses these days. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing everyone say to me, you have the best Marketing system in the world. Could you show me how to market it? And you know what? You can not. 

They may have the best system ever built by a human, but that’s okay if they can’t show me how to use it properly. This was the problem I ran into when I started my journey as an online marketer, and it continues to this day. I was at work from home, and they threw something at me and said, “Here you go.” And trying to get someone to the top for help was like trying to run a toaster through a car wash. I couldn’t do that!

I’ve continued to learn some useful techniques over the past two years (no thanks to everyone at Uplines), but for someone just starting in the field, it’s no wonder they haven’t thrown your hands in the air and say “the hell with it.” For me, this is the most frustrating thing on the planet.

With all of the internet Growth Marketing Systems out there today, it isn’t easy to know which one works and which one doesn’t. There are different types of systems (everyone claims they have the best, and everyone claims their theory is the best), and I’m sure there are sound systems out there, but what a lot of people don’t know is that You might have the best on the planet, but if you don’t know how to market it won’t help you. The best system means nothing if you don’t know how to deal. You need to know how to advertise.

So if you choose to work from home to come to you, make sure you are getting a system that is in tune with the product you are and providing you with the proper training with it. You can market your product where you will get the kind of success you are looking for. I see it all the time, people join a home company and promise that the system associated with it will make them a considerable fortune. Still, they don’t know how to market, and they end up wasting their time and money and fail because they did not receive proper training or no training at all.

If you are starting in this industry and are looking for a company to join from home, then my best advice to you is to do user testing and verification and be positive no matter which one Company you want to join type training for their product, and they will not just throw you back to the dogs once they get your money.

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