Do You Need Protection From Spam? What You Can Do

To protect your email messages from spam, sometimes you need the aid of today’s technology. You can get an email cleaner that detects and removes spam in an instant. Products that detect spam and eliminate it make use of sophisticated filtering technologies that work together so users can release or delete any message retained by a spam filter. Installation of the software does not require modification to an existing IT infrastructure.

Today, you don’t want to take any chances. If you want to avoid spam-type messages, you have it in your power to make sure your messages are the kind of messages you want to receive. An anti-spam type software implements a number of techniques to detect emails with spam. By combining ongoing updates and artificial intelligence algorithms, anti-spam software continually makes adjustments so it can identify the different techniques used by spammers.

Administrative Privileges

The software protection you use should also offer an easy way to review quarantine lists, consolidate reports or change preferences – especially helpful for computer users with more than one email address. You also want to include a web-based administrator interface in an anti-spam software application. The administrator is used to maintain control over the system settings. Detailed information is provided through filtering and traffic reports, which enable the administrator to obtain a clear idea of the network and mail activity.

In addition to filtering email messages for spam, an effective spam protection software can also be used as a filtering system for viruses and suspicious attachments that may contain harmful content. The software today can also be used to recognise and categorise newsletters. Users receive only the newsletters they want to receive, while the other newsletters remain in quarantine.

What to Seek in a Product

When making a buying decision for anti-spam software, you want to make sure the product removes almost 100% of incoming viruses. You also want a product that guarantees a rate of spam detection and can detect potentially harmful content. The software should combine multiple technologies in order to adapt to spammers’ techniques. The product should also include a newsletter detection module and be able to implement spammer blacklisting.

When choosing a software programme, also check to make sure that the programme confirms the identity of sending mail servers and implements heuristic techniques, including the facilitation of Bayesian filters. The software should intercept and scan mail attachments in real time and reject bad SPF.

Anti-spam protection today should ensure that legitimate, non-spam messages are forwarded to the mail server while infected messages are cleaned and dangerous content is placed in quarantine. Each user should also be able to forward errors to correct filtering criteria. They should be able to select the best handling strategy by means of quarantine, deletion, or tagging.

The ideal software program should also offer users the capacity to use the protection for multiple domains, multiple user levels, multiple administrators and multiple languages. If you have large volumes of mail, then find a software that can also be installed in parallel.

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