Looking To Become A Budtender? Here Is Our Advice To Follow

Arguably one of the most popular positions that people apply for in the cannabis industry is for the position of a budtender. It is a highly competitive job to land, and there sometimes can be upwards of fifty applications for a single available position. It is one of the most well-paid cannabis jobs if you work for a large dispensary, according to jobs.cannabis.net. People like this job since you can interact all day with customers and showcase your knowledge to help them select the best strain for their needs. So, here is some advice to be aware of as you embark on becoming a budtender.

Monitor Developments within the Industry

If you keep up-to-date with the industry, you can tell your prospective employer about latest industry trends and infiltrate these facts into an answer. It will show to the interviewer that you have the required knowledge, but also that you take a genuine interest in the industry as a whole, which employers like to see. This can be as easy as following a cannabis blog or browsing social media to see what is hot at the moment. Instagram is also a good tool to consider browsing.

So, our advice is to provide as much detail to your employer and any potential customer you encounter, as a customer is more likely to buy from your dispensary if you have a confident and secure knowledge. I would also recommend doing your research on strains that have performed well and won awards at industry events such as the Cannabis Cup. For patients who come into the dispensary for medicinal purposes, you may wish to reference recent scientific evidence to them to help them select the right strain for their needs.

The More Stories You Tell, The Better

This may seem a bit of a strange piece of advice for us to give. The main role of the Budtender is to engage on a personal level with the customer. The best way for a person to engage is to tell stories and relay experience of past customers who maybe used a particular strain and achieved good results. But then again, you don’t want to come across as too chatty and boring. Just keep the stories 30 seconds long, and ensure the stories tie in with the customer’s needs.

If you are looking for jobs as a budtender in the cannabis industry, we would recommend that you check out the cannabis jobs near me tool on Cannabis.net by clicking the link here.

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