Insider Tips On How To Run Successful Social Media Campaigns

There are tens of thousands of social media campaigns launched on a yearly basis and most of them go unnoticed and do not offer the business owner a positive return on his investment – the costs of the campaign, in this case. This is why the question on every marketer’s lips is: why is it that some of them are more successful than others?

While it is true that the storyline certainly plays a pivotal role in determining just how efficient a campaign is, and whether it was worth the money and the effort or not, there are several other factors that must also be taken into account. That being said, here are several useful “insider tips” on designing, launching and managing a successful campaign across different social networking platforms:

  1. Brand Consistency 

When it comes to raising brand awareness, there are several elements that pertain to the brand: brand loyalty and brand consistency are two of the most notable ones. In a nutshell, brand consistency is all about coming up with a set of elements that will slowly penetrate the public conscience and will make the wide audience remember your brand in the long run. Every social media campaign must feature the brand’s motto, color code, jingle, concept and story at last they should be able to increase social media followers. This is what sets apart the truly reputable brands from those that rely on promotional social media marketing stunts and false promises.

  1. Positively Surprise Your Audience 

Another important element that can make or break your audience is the element of surprise. Over the year, some social media campaigns were very successful and have managed to become world-renowned, and the reason why they went viral was because they featured a unique story that appealed to people. If there is one thing people love more than freebies and giveaways, that is the element of surprise.

People love to be taken by surprise in a positive manner, therefore in order for a campaign to be successful on Twitter or Facebook, it must reach out to people, be it through an emotional message, an unexpected gift, a bonus or a promotion. It must be something people can truly relate to, something that makes them want to hit the “Share” button!

  1. Customize Your Campaign And Connect With The People 

No two campaigns are alike, even if they are for the same brand or corporation. Every campaign should feature a personal touch, a hint of humanity that appeals to the audience: nobody likes static or robotic campaigns that do not exude that warmth and appeal people are looking for. Dull campaigns are everywhere, and a truly successful one should be up close, personal and fully customized or tailored to the brand itself. This will make both the campaign and the brand look authentic, trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of the target audience.

One of the world’s most famous campaigns launched in 2014 was the “First World Complaints”, launched by the reputable non-profit organization Water Is Life. This was a controversial social media campaign that caused a stir, yet that appealed to tens of millions of people worldwide, and convinced them to donate money to bring clean and sterilized water to the third world. The First World Complaints featured all the key elements of a successful campaign.

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