Increasing Trend Of Proctoring Exam

Internet learning is continuously increasing, it creates various opportunities for everyone and for every sector.

Online Proctoring

It means keeping an eye on the applicant and preventing the applicant from cheating and ensuring that the applicant is giving the test honestly without cheating. A proctor is the qualified and trained person who keeps the authentication and prevents the applicant from doing any form of cheating.

Online test has been around from 15 years in various formats. The most commonly used method of online test is Objective type question method.

How online exam proctoring works?

In online video test proctoring or online exam proctoring candidate is monitored online during the entire duration of the test with the help of mic, web cam or access to the screen of the candidate.

It is continuously trending as this is the internet era and one can get anything from online whether it is knowledge, skills, job, shopping, booking, etc. and all the exams is taken by internet platform. In India, mostly all the Government exam is shifted from offline to online from the last few years. In the near future the online proctored exam trend will be more popular.

Qualified proctors are very difficult to find and it’s hard to judge them because there is no record of their past work how they did their work.

Types of Proctoring-

  1. Live Online ProctoringIn a Live online proctoring a proctor monitors the candidate with the help of video, audio or screen feed. The proctoring service providers have their proctors at different locations that have been properly trained to ensure to prevent the applicant from doing any form of cheating. It all works from the remote location.
    A proctor can easily monitor 20-30 at a time.

    2. Recorded Proctoring

    In the Recorded Proctoring, there is no one that monitors the candidate from web cam or audio and video, the screen of the applicant is recorded in the real time during the entire test. It removes the remote location constraints and the proctor also. A representative plays the fast forward video to check the any suspicious activity during the test. It is very expensive in nature proctor service provider takes lot of money for this.

    3. Advanced Automated Proctoring

    Automated Proctoring is the most advanced form of proctoring in all of the three. In advanced automated proctoring audio, video and screen feed is recorded in the real time during the test but apart from this system will also monitor any suspicious activity with the help of audio analytics and advanced video.

    Implications of Online Proctoring on your business-

  2. It provides a great solution for the exam conducted at different places and provides security of exam from remote locations.
    2. For the test seekers it provides the convenient time and the place also where they want to attempt the exam,
    3. All of the data of the candidate during the exam can be used for future reference.

    The trend is continuously increasing with the time and it provides quality results also. It helps is saving the time and money also. Online proctored exam is really a great tool for businesses.

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