How To Request A Background Check As An Employer

Hiring has always come with a risk and more often than not, a person is taken on face value, and if everything seems in order, they will be offered the position. Yet there are many applicants who are not being as truthful as they might, especially regarding their history, and this gives a potential employer a false picture. Fortunately, the British government has initiated a search system whereby employers can verify certain background information given by job applicants.

Registered Agencies

In order to request a Disclosure and Barring Service check, you would need to source a registered agency and fill in the DBS check online application form, and the process can begin. Of course, the applicant would be informed and would have to fill in forms to offer information, and once the check is complete, the applicant would receive their certificate and the employer would have their verification.

Eligible Checks

Under UK law, an employer is entitled to request a DBS check on any potential employee, while licensing agencies are also allowed to use the services, to ensure the licensees are of good character. If your organisation takes on volunteer workers, they can be checked at a reduced cost, and with many volunteers working with children or the elderly, it makes sense to check their background first.

The Check Process

After the employer has downloaded the forms, the applicant would be asked to fill in the information, and this is then forwarded to the agency. Once the process has begun, the employer can use the DBS tracking facility to find out at what stage the process is at. Once the check is complete, the employer would be given the certificate, which by law, must be shown to the applicant.

Levels of DBS Checking

There are several levels of DBS checking, with a basic check, which involves a criminal background check, and an enhanced DBS check that involves more detail about any spent or unspent convictions, and possibly cautions and warnings. If a person was to be working with children, a barred list search would be conducted, to ensure that this person was never in trouble before, regarding working with young people. People who wish to adopt a child must have these checks carried out, and many other licensing bodies also require applicants to undergo DBS checking.

Online Solutions

We are all looking for extra hours in the day and you’ll be pleased to know that the entire process can be completed online, and with a secure online payment, your check will commence and you will soon have the results. There are certain agencies that are authorised by the UK government to carry out DBS checking, and an online search should point you in the right direction.

There are many instances when it makes sense to verify a person’s history, especially if the position they are applying for requires a high level of trust, and with online agencies that are dedicated to DBS checking, it is both affordable and very quick.

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