Georgia Commercial Property Taxes

Georgia commercial property taxes are expected to increase this year and it is a common occurrence that property owners get to pay more tax than required out of ignorance. So, instead of shortchanging yourself, why not hire a Georgia property tax consultant to assess and value your property to determine if you have been paying appropriate taxes on your properties or not?

Since Georgia property tax figures will be sent out to property owners in May and there will be a window of about forty five days for appeal, it is advisable to get your property re-appraised now. If your petition for appeal is not filed within this appeal window, you have to wait for the next Georgia property tax year.

You never can be too sure, you may have been shortchanging yourself as Georgia property tax is paid every year but the assessment on your property is not done every year. It is the duty of your property tax consultant to re-appraise your property every year and verify whether your tax is fair or not.

If there is enough evidence that your tax is higher than what it should be, your consultant will swing into action. He will use the available evidence to file a petition for appeal with the Board of Equalization (BOE). A very good tax consultant should be able to give you the chances of getting a reduction in your tax based on available evidence.

Suffice to say the stronger the evidence, the higher your chances of getting a reduction. The modalities for setting Georgia property taxes are different from that of other states, so you need to hire a consultant that has been operating in Georgia for a relatively long period – say 5 years or more. The fact that property taxes are expected to increase soon makes it more than necessary to get your property re-appraised now.

Apart from that, in Georgia, the deadline for filing a property tax appeal differs from county to county. It takes a consultant that really understands Georgia tax laws inside-out to navigate through the deadline differences. This is necessary because your appeal will be handled by the BOE in the county where your property is located.

An experienced and reliable Georgia based property tax consultant is ARE Property Solutions. Apart from being experienced, they offer a lot of free professional advice. To convince you of their expertise and competence, they will fill you in on some of the cases that they have handled successfully.

They are also very honest about your chances of getting a reduction. They don’t raise your hope unnecessarily. They say it as it really is. Their integrity matters to them a lot. This is why they have been able to build a massive client base within a relatively short period of their existence.

Finally, ARE Property Solutions offers affordable charges. Their prices are relatively lower than what most of other consultants charge. They seem to have struck a good balance between quality service and low prices.

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