Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- Know Your Rights To Stop Collection Calls

You may be receiving collection calls on a regular basis and this has become a nuisance for you. However, it is important for you to face the call and listen to what the caller has to say. If you already owe a debt you cannot stop the creditor from calling you. You owe the debt and so reminder calls will come to you from the creditor. Simply avoiding these calls will not stop them and moreover your credit score will be adversely affected if you refuse to pick up the calls for payment. There are collection agencies to help you and so contact them for payment of debts. They will talk with your creditors and ensure that you get an easy method via which you may repay your debts without hassles at all.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – what if you do not owe debts?

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is a reliable and trusted name in the field of debt collection in the USA. It has been in the field for 30 days and has been helping small to large companies recover delinquent debts. The experts here are trained and qualified to help clients recover pending dues when it comes to delinquent debts.

Avoiding calls will not help you…

The professionals here say there are cases where you do not owe debts yet receive frustrating calls asking you to pay up. Of course, you will not know what to do and simply begin to avoid these calls when you get them. It is crucial for you to note that avoiding calls will not stop them. It is crucial for you to know your rights to stop collection calls.

What are your rights to stop collection calls?

The Federal FDCPA lays down that when you get a collection call, the collector does not have the right to threaten or use abusive language. In case, you get a collection call where the collector is using abusive language tell him or her the above. This will scare the person off and he or she will not contact you again.

In case, you are in debt, this fact can be quite embarrassing. It is prudent for you to ensure that your friends and family do not know you are in debt.  Even if you have fallen behind with your debts, your friends and family have no right to know. There are State and Federal Laws that prohibit agencies not to talk about your debts to someone else. These agencies can only speak to your lawyer about your pending debt with your permission.

In case you are face with harassing debt collection calls, experts from Brennan & Clark Collection Agency say you must record the call. This will help your lawyer protect you and take up your case in a competent court of law. You may file formal and legal complaints against the collection agency if you want. This should be resorted to if the caller uses vulgar methods to threaten you or induce you to pay the pending dues.

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