Funny Keynote Motivational Speaker : Adam Christing

There are times in our life that we make wrong decisions. There are moments when the life we live seems as if it is falling apart. It is this time that you become helpless, powerless and empty that even your heart is crumpled beyond recognition. But life does not end here. There is an old adage which says, ”The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

I believe that being a popular funny event speaker per se, growth is absent when things are acquired easily and without effort. There is no challenge at all. But there is one problem here. I know that we need challenges sometimes to wake up our senses so that we can be capable of handling difficulties in life.

At times I can feel the brokenness of people sitting in front of me and just to make them realize that they still belong to a supporting community, I tell jokes and inspirational messages. Being one of the funny speakers myself, I make jokes about life’s bitter lessons, countless hardships and other misfortunes that these people have long endured.

It is my obligation to share peculiar touches of humor, deliver them correctly and make people laugh. In this way, burdens are eased temporarily. From the numerous speaking engagements I attended as one of the keynote speakers, I want to instill in them that joking in front of a large number of people is part of the life-long lessons that they can learn from me. The lessons are hidden, but humorous lines are always present.

I can be a business speaker and funny event speaker at the same time. I am like a stand-up comedian inside a comedy bar. The difference is big. I can be in front of any types of people from all walks of life, motivating and inspiring them. I can tell jokes to them instantly. Onstage, I need nothing at all, just the attention of my participants. I want them to react because in this way I also need to open my bags of tricks to give them the right advice.

Laugh, live and love are the three most important facets we have in life. I know these are the things that my spectators can expect from me once they attended my ‘show.’ In most of my engagements, I share laughter (and tears, of course), I distribute love, and I teach them how to live life accordingly. Being a funny event speaker, I always come to a point when I need my audience to be fully satisfied with my speech and that they go home inspired.

It is always meant that I need to reach out a crucial point in their lives through my speeches and let them move forward. I believe that laughter is still the best medicine. People will not forget you especially when both of you are laughing together. It is like eating a sumptuous meal together. The entrepreneurs I meet can temporarily get out of their corporate boxes because of the real-life jokes I share with them. This is the point here. To relive the three L’s is like being true to my principles , share love and laughter, and you will live life to the fullest.

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