Covered Walkways Are Both Functional And Attractive

When you visit a school or commercial building, you probably don’t often consider what kind of walkway is above you. After all, how many times do you actually look up while you are walking? Probably never, but that does not mean these walkways are not important. Schools, businesses and other facilities rely on these walkways not only to look good, but also to keep the people underneath them dry and safe from the elements.

Why Use Covered Walkways?

When staff employees, visitors, or even merchandise is being transported from one building to the next, covered walkways are important. Walkways prevent the elements, including the sun, from making people too hot or too cold. When it is raining or snowing, it is especially important to be protected from the elements, since it can be very inconvenient, and even unsafe, to walk around buildings in the rain or snow.

Covered walkways are not only there for convenience, however. They are also there to look good. Most people seldom notice the walkway they’re walking under; however, if this walkway is damaged or doesn’t look sturdy, people will definitely notice. They will feel unsafe and unprotected, and it may even affect the probability of them visiting you again in the future.

Who Makes the Best Walkways?

Walkways were once made only of steel; however, today they are available in a variety of sturdy, long-lasting products, such as wood. Covered walkways from Littlethorpe and similar companies offer products that are durable and made to last. Many companies only use sustainable timber, which helps the environment, and offer wooden walkways with a warmer, appealing, and comfortable feel.

Most covered walkways are custom made, which means a minimal amount of timber is used, so walkways are guaranteed to fit your particular situation. Moreover, since each walkway is specifically manufactured to your specifications, each is a perfect fit for your business or another facility. This reduces the chance of a walkway being too small or too large for your facility.

Companies that manufacture covered walkways also offer quality materials and high levels of workmanship, so their products are usually guaranteed for a certain number of years. In addition, walkways can be made from other materials such as polycarbonate and toughened glass. All of these materials provide a safe, comfortable environment for your visitors, as well as easy maintenance of your walkway. Ideally, companies should also offer items to complement your walkway, including raised beds and planters.

What Should You Look For in the Manufacturer?

Ideally, the company manufacturing your walkway should be certified and accredited through a company such as the FSC – the Forest Stewardship Council, as well as other organizations. They should have a professional and updated online presence that includes photos and details of all their products, as well as information on delivery, installation and maintenance of the products. In addition, their contact information should be easy to find, and should include a working phone number and email address, or an online enquiry form.

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