Easy Steps To Follow For Installing Split Air Conditioner

Split Air conditioners must be installed in very careful manner and if it is done in proper manner then you can get optimum cooling at your home. Any poor installation can lead to many different problems in the future. Not only you may get poor cooling in the room but also your energy bill may rise up significantly.

Here are the steps that you can follow with Voltas or any other brand of split AC.

  • Select the right area for the indoor unit

The indoor unit must be installed on a wall which is pretty strong and should have sufficient space to accommodate the unit. It is not necessary that outdoor unit to be fitted on same wall however wherever you choose to install should be strong enough to absorb the vibration created by the exhaust fan. Make sure that indoor unit has a free space of at least 15 cm in both sides and above the indoor unit. Height of the indoor unit must be 7 feet above the floor.

  • Fix mounting plate for indoor unit and drill hole for outlet

The indoor unit has to be mounted on the wall on suitable mounting plate, which needs to be fixed on the wall first. Make sure that it is in perfect horizontal position by checking with measuring tape or sprit level. Now locate the position on the wall where you need to drill hole of 7 to 8 cm diameter through which wires will go to connect with outdoor unit.

  • Mount the indoor unit

Now remove the front cover of indoor AC unit and lift it towards mounting place and send drainage pipe, wires and two copper pipes through drilled hole on wall. Make sure that bends of copper pipes are smooth so that proper cooling can be achieved. Now you can mount the indoor unit on the mounting plate and also attach the front cover of the AC.

  • Choose the location of outdoor unit

The distance between indoor and outdoor unit should be minimum of 30 to 35 cm. Choose the location where no direct sunlight or dust may come.

  • Fix the bracket for outdoor unit

Now fix the bracket on the chosen location of the wall and then lift the outdoor unit and mount it in proper way so that it is rigidly fixed on the bracket. Tighten all the nuts and bolts.

  • Connect the wires

Now make the connection of the wires coming from indoor unit in the required location of the outdoor unit as per the suggestion of manufacturer.

  • Connect the copper pipes

By using vacuum pipe clean the copper pipes properly. Now connect the copper pipes in the required ports by tightening the nuts. Make sure that nuts are properly fitted. Now you can open both the gas valves.

Thus you have completed the installation of your split AC. Nowadays split ACs are being manufactured by few companies by using green technology which will enable you to achieve more power saving too.

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