Dynamic Partitions: An Alternative For Traditional Walls

There may be times when you need flexible home and office layouts. You need to exploit and make the full use of all the extra spaces which would otherwise be useless. All such problems and needs can be met using operable walls which impart ultimate flexibility to the work spaces.

Operable walls are made up of glass frames and can are used to create partitions. They can be transferred from one location to another independent of each other. Operable walls can be used to create different types of walls such as curved, flat and bisected walls.

The operable walls are made up of panels which are dangled from the roof towards the flooring or ground. These panels can be closed and open depending upon the requirement of the user. Operable walls can be easily handled and assembled to create partitions according to the need. They are hung from the top without being fixed to the floor track. Every panel is secured using interlocked seals to keep them intact.

Numerous brands provide the quality installations for operable walls. They offer guarantee for the installations and the craftsmanship.

Applications of Operable walls: The operable walls can be used to utilise all the extra spaces in your homes, offices and apartments in a better way. They are the best for designing divisions and split-ups to meet different needs. For example: waiting and reception areas, pantry, activity room, and partition for sports and recreational activity. Operable walls are perfect for offices, restaurants, hotels, cafeteria, schools, staffrooms, and colleges.

Advantages of Operable walls

  • Best utilisation of the supplementary space in rooms
  • Easy and efficient fitting of the walls
  • Strong and durable
  • Available in different colour and patterns such as metal, varnish, and wood and paint finishes
  • Easily match or reconcile with the prevailing interior and furnishing of the room
  • High sound absorption ability, thereby reducing noise and loud sound
  • You can earn more rentals by dividing the space and using it for different tasks and activities
  • Operable walls are long lasting than traditional walls. They do not disrepair or decay with time.
  • The operable walls are light weight and can be fitted by skilful persons. You need not exploit large manpower and labour.
  • The installation and replacement of operable walls is economical. All the costs are affordable including the repair of the impaired panels.
  • Safety must be a priority when fitting the operable walls. The trained professional must use the personal protection equipment while installing them.

Types of Operable walls:

Acoustic operable walls: These walls have strong sound insulation properties. They restrict the entry of sound and noises into the room making them acoustic proof. Such walls are highly required in office, meeting and conference rooms.

Vertical Operable walls: They can be lifted using the lift wall system and can be adjusted according the need to divide and merge spaces in the office.

Frameless operable walls: The frameless glass walls are used to create transparency in the room. They allow the natural light to pass though clearly thereby making the spaces more lightened up.

Sliding Folding Operable walls: They can be accommodated quickly and have strong sound proof and fire security facilities. They are suspended using hinges and can be folded as per the need.

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