Chipolo Key Finders Vs Tile Key Finders

I couldn’t decide between the Chipolo and the Tile for my new key tracking system so I ran them through a few comparisons.

Straight away, I notice something. Chipolo claims to be the loudest Bluetooth ringtone on the market.

Here is a list of volume specifications from all types

  • Chipolo Card: 95 Db
  • Chipolo Plus: 100 Db
  • Chipolo Classic: 92 Db
  • Tile Mate: 88 Db
  • Tile Slim: 82 Db
  • Tyle Sports and Tile Style: 98 Db

As there is only 2 decibels difference, I’m still undecided and technically the Tile Style and Tile Sports are actually louder than Chipolo’s other models.

Which is the Thinnest?

Chipolo states that its Chipolo Card is the thinnest on the market. Just how thin is it? Its 2.15mm compared with the Tile Slim which come in at 2.4mm.

Replace vs Re-Tile

These two brands offer a difference in how to keep your key finder, finding things and here is a run-down.

  • Chiplolo Classic: Has a replaceable battery and comes with a spare upon purchase.
  • Chipolo Card and Plus: Has the Replace scheme.
  • Tile: Has the Re-Tile Scheme.

When your key finder hits 11 months, you’ll be sent a reminder and have the option to place an order for a new key finder. Both companies will even let you send back your old tags for disposal.

  • Chipolo cites the new ones are discounted up to 50%.
  • Tile cites the new ones are discounted up to 40%.

What about price?

Based on singular prices only as multi buys for both attract cheaper ways to purchase. These are the current prices and are subject to change.

  • Tile Mate $19.69
  • Tile slim $28.20
  • Tile Sport and Style $34.99
  • Chopolo Classic Gen 3 $25
  • Chopolo Card $35
  • Chopolo Plus $25

Even though not all models of Tile specify they are up 200 ft. Bluetooth range, Chipolo does. However if you follow the fine print, you will see that they also specify the range works best within a 10 meter radius and both brands state the 200 ft. range needs to be in a clear line of sight. Good if you lose something on football field I guess. Generally speaking though they are best in enclosed spaces.

In short, it’s actually just the design features that will sway you between these two brands, apart from that these key finders are almost exactly the same.

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