All You Want To Know About Car Decals And How To Install Them

Love it or hate it, but decals are splendid ways to making your car look awesome. But not everybody is ready to experiment with decals on their cars. The reason – the fear that it will ruin the paint job or turn out to be something that is not so nice. Well, if you are talking to people who have had their cars modified with decals, you will get an assuring answer. That car decals are an awesome way to give your car an image makeover every single time. Here are some common questions about decals that you might want to know about: 

  • Do car decals ruin the original paint?

If decals were to ruin the original paint job, car manufacturers from all over the world will be suing the decal suppliers in all courts of law for damages. Decals never cause any harm to your car’s original paint job. It only sticks to the surface with a special adhesive that does not corrode the paint. It is possible to remove the decal anytime if you wish to do so.

  • How do I install a decal on my car or truck?

Having a decal installed on your car or truck is no Herculean task. However, it does call for some special skills. Someone with limited experience will end up ruining the entire decal while a professional hand will be able to install it with grace. In case, you want to have one for your automobile, it is best left to a professional who knows how to deal with sticky corners and edges.

  • Are decals washable?

Yes. Decals on cars can be washed and cleaned like any other automobile parts. They are made of a special filament which is not damaged with exposure to water. In fact, they stay strong and fresh even after years after their installation.

  • How to remove decals?

You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to remove decals from your vehicle. The heat will dry the adhesive which sticks the decal making it easy to remove it in a single shot. Professionals have their own tools and materials with which they do a splendid job of removing the decals without leaving a trace behind.

Automobile decals can give your vehicle a stunning look that is way apart from the usual ones plying the roads. Why wait to get one? Give your car a much needed image makeover with decals.

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