5 Things You should Keep in Mind before Designing a Membership Card

There are many different places where one might require the usage of membership cards. From gyms and clubs, to hospitals and MNC offices, membership cards are required in all of these places. As such, if you happen to be the owner of a company or organization that uses membership cards, it becomes important for you to design one that is innovative, stylish and, at the same time, functional as well.

While many organizations opt for simple and basic membership cards, they’re missing the point. Membership cards being used by your organization can actually be an opportunity for you to create a positive impact on your employees and potential members. How so you ask? Well, just follow these five important tips while getting your membership card designed, and you’ll be good to go.  

  • Think Out of the Box

Someone once said that rules are meant to be broken. Whether they had membership cards in mind when saying this is yet to be determined, but needless to say, it’s highly applicable in this case. When getting your company, gym, hospital or any other organization’s membership card designed, you need to think out of the box. Don’t go for those staple designs in those bland colors. Instead go for some innovative design that incorporates a unique style. This is guaranteed to make your membership card stick out, which will further help create a lasting impression.

  • At the Same Time, Opt for A Pleasing Color Scheme

The color scheme you opt for will play a crucial role in deciding the type of impact it is going to create. While you definitely need to be creative and think out of the box, do not do so at the cost of opting for a color scheme that won’t be appealing to the eyes. You can go for a large number of unique and interesting color combinations without having to choose a color scheme that will be either too bright or too on-the-nose.

  • Avoid Putting Any Clichéd or Heart Warming Quotes on Your Card

Perhaps once upon a time this might have been a good idea, but nowadays it is has become so common that you’d be better off without it. Having some heart-warming or clichéd quote on your membership card, philosophical or otherwise, should strictly be a no-no. Instead of utilizing all that space for a random quote, you should probably add some valuable contact information about your organization.

  • Your Membership Card has got Two Sides. Remember That.

This might sound like a pretty obvious thing to state, but many people actually don’t realize how much they can do with BOTH sides of their membership card. Many people just focus on designing the front side, while leaving the back side completely empty. In order to create maximum impact, try to design a membership card that utilizes BOTH the sides in an effective manner.

  • Keep a Check on Its Size

And finally, you need to make sure that the dimensions you are using are the right ones for a membership card. Anything too big or too small will end up completely ruining your plan. For an effective guide, try to look at the dimensions of memberships cards being used by other organizations in your sector.

So there you have it, five important points you should keep in mind before your membership card printing takes place. By following these five tips, your membership cards are guaranteed to create a lasting impression.

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