A Portable Charger Can Help You Avoid Embarrassment

Mobile technology is now a big part of the lives of millions of people and most of them struggle to keep their smartphones and other devices charged. Battery technology has grown significantly more advanced in recent years, but the battery life of most mobile devices is still shockingly low, depending on how these devices are being used. In the past, people have done some desperate things just to keep their phones charged, none of which would have been necessary if they used a simple portable charger.

Last year, a man attending a performance of the Broadway play Hand to God in New York saw that his mobile device was running out of charge. Moments before the play started, the man leapt to the stage and plugged his phone into the prop wall’s outlet. The outlet, of course, was fake and had nothing to offer the man. Stage crew were forced to stop the pre-show to inform the audience that such behavior was now allowed in the theater. Theater ushers removed the phone from the prop wall and returned it to the man, who then asked where he could charge his device.

For some, this is an embarrassing display of desperation coming from someone too reliant on their mobile device. The feeling this man felt is not uncommon, however, as those with smartphones and other such devices experience a great deal of anxiety when they see their battery icon flashing red. Instead of climbing onto a stage and trying to use a fake electrical outlet, however, they could simply use a portable charger. These cell phone accessories are small and easy to use, able to charge any modern mobile device through the use of a USB cable.


There’s also potential embarrassment when dealing with clients out of the office or at least appearing to be unorganized and losing a sale. There’s nothing worse for a presentation when you go to demonstrate the great portfolio that you spent all night putting together but forgot to plug in your ipad or tablet which has now left you in a coffee shop, all outlets full, and a client now checking his or hers watch. There are enough things that can go wrong in a business meeting but a dead battery is now fixable.

Lastly, a portable charger is not only a good way to avoid embarrassing situations; it can also be used to avoid breakdowns. Many people like to charge their mobile devices while driving, which is not dangerous in itself as long as they are not using the device. The problem, however, is that the device is drawing energy from the vehicle’s battery. Connecting a mobile device to a vehicle to charge it cuts down on mileage by 0.03 miles. A portable charger can be a good solution because these devices do not draw electricity from a vehicle.

In a world where mobile technology reigns supreme, keeping a smartphone charged is a very important issue for many people. Portable chargers may seem like an inconvenience for some, but these small energy systems are actually quite compact, with most being no larger or thicker than a smartphone itself.

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