What Are The Different Uses Of PVC Banners For Your Business?

PVC Banners are flexible and cheap advertising media options for the business economy. These can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.They can also be displayed at occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays, convocations, rallies, etc. Typically PVC banners made of high-grade PVC media which is long lasting in adverse weather conditions as compared to those made of low-grade PVC.

Common uses of PVC banners are listed below:

    • Colleges and universities banners detailing opening dates, seminars and courses offered.
    • Occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc.
    • Retail banners: sales, opening sales, and holiday sales.
    • Inaugurations and meal offer in hotels and restaurants.
  • Advertisements Purposes

The PVC banners are made using a nylon mesh which makes it resistant and long lasting. A smooth layer of PVC is then coated on the banner. Later the printing is done suing vinyl printers. The durability of the banners depend on the factors where and how they are displayed. Those which are hung indoors can last for years while those in the open environment may be subject to damage by the harsh climate. However, the print remains intact and does not fade away in the bright sun. The ink that is used for printing does not give any odour as compared to solvent banners which smell nasty when hung indoors.  The banners are light in weight, thus they can be rolled and carries easily. One must always carry the banner in a tube. If you fold then creases may appear on the banner, thereby affecting its look.

The customers can get their banners printed according to the standard sizes. Big banners can have a dimension of 50 m long and 2.5m wide. However if there is a requirement of a big banner, small banners can be combined together to create a big picture. The banners must be eye catchy and should steal the attention of one’s eye. All the text must be printed in readable block letters such that it is easily read. Use lighter shades on brighter backgrounds and darker shades on light background.  The banners must be hung at an appropriate distance such that it is clearly visible. The banners must be properly fixed using grommets or eyelets. Since banners are used for advertisement, they must be placed in locations where they are easily accessible to the masses. Cable ties, string wire, cables and elastic bungees can be used to position the banner.

Many printing presses offer the facility of printing banners. All of them assure quality work and even provide free deliveries in all parts of UK. Apart, some of them provide free eyelets, wires, and cables to the customers.  The printing of PVC banners is quite cheaper than other types of banners.

The clients can also buy the banner frames which accentuate the look of the banner. The banners are resistant to wear- tear, fire, water, and other harsh conditions. If you want your banner to be designed, contact the printing press. Acquaint them with all your requirements and the exact dimensions. They will provide you high-resolution banners in no time at an affordable rate

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