The Reasons For Seeking For Financial Advice

The current recessive climate has prompted people to think seriously about their long-term financial well-being and retirement planning; and not ahead of time. Recent research has shown that many adults from all walks of life face financial hardships if they do not seriously plan for the future. What’s more, more than one in ten adults expects to postpone retirement by up to five years.

The importance of asking for financial advice

Financial pressures are mounting for the millions of retirees who, despite their retirement planning, are still struggling to meet the rising costs of their daily lives. The need for financial advice has never been greater. Still, an alarming number of people are racking their brains to plan for retirement; on the adult population, never consulted a financial advisor, and one in eight relied only on family and friends’ advice. In current economic troubles, an increase in retirees’ number is resorting to freeing up capital to supplement their retirement. Thus, there are two main ways to use the equity issue: By incorporating a home restoration plan or a lifetime mortgage in their retirement planning, homeowners can generate additional income and use it for all kinds of purposes at

Home restoration plans work by allowing you to sell all or part of your home to a home restoration retailer for a lump sum or monthly income. Also, there is a guarantee that you can stay in your home until you move or pass away. Whereas a lifetime mortgage allows you to retain full ownership of the property and borrow against its value. For those considering freeing up capital, whether it be a home return or a lifetime mortgage, it is essential to seek independent financial advice. It would also be prudent to consider plans to issue shares for the industry organization members, representing most share issuing providers.

More and more people realize that this is a real way to get the most out of retirement planning. A recent study of stock publications found that when consumers were asked who to turn to for advice if they were considering issuing shares, perhaps surprisingly, mortgage companies and banks were cited as advice sources more popular. Lawyers are in second place, followed by financial and accounting consultants. Interestingly, women prefer lawyers more than men, and men prefer accountants more than women. A recent stock issuance study also found that most people prefer to seek face-to-face advice, and more than half of all consumers surveyed prefer to receive this advice in the office rather than at home. Only a tiny part of people chose to get advice by phone.

At the end

An increasing number of people incorporate capital freeing into their retirement planning through home rebuilding and lifelong mortgages; they must consider seeking financial advice from a capital release specialist. They are appropriately qualified.

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