Specialists In Compliance Surveys Offering An Array Of Services

When it comes to checking whether you are complying with all the building rules, you will need the services of compliance survey agencies, who can guide you in the proper way, so hat you are free from any anxiety for being penalized for diverting from the standard norms while building a house, or multiplex. You will find green zone surveys, the specialists in building compliance surveys and  energy assessors, on whom you can depend to help you in matters of building compliance and having your buildings, energy efficient.

Why Choose Green Zone Surveys?

The efficiency with which they carry out the surveys in a thoroughly professional way, irrespective of the number of sites to be completed within a stipulated time, makes them the best choice. Submission of well drafted reports, professional knowledge of their staff, years of experience, and bespoke service, are the hallmark of their success in becoming a leading building compliance surveyor and energy assessor. Quality driven and highly efficient services that they provide, which include submitting reports in real time, are aimed at earning full satisfaction of their clients.


Bespoke services provided by green zone surveys, include:

  • Commercial EPCs –This service includes, submitting Energy Performance Certificate, together with a Recommendation Report, that are required by the regulations governing the Energy Performance of Buildings.
  • TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections – Reports on the energy efficiency of buildings is mandatory, according to the building regulations in the UK, and Green Zone Surveys will help in procuring the certificate and will appraise you to all what you want to know about TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections.
  • Display Energy Certificates – They will help you to get the Display Energy Certificate, which is required by the law governing building regulations, for public places.
  • Section 63 Surveys – Their services include, carrying out Section 63 Surveys, which are important for improving the existing plans of non domestic buildings for being efficient in all types of climatic changes.
  • Legionella Risk Assessments – This service is aimed at providing the Legionella Risk Assessments Certificate, which is required to prove that the water consumed in non domestic buildings are free of the Leglonella bacteria. Their services include, recommending measures to be taken by employers to comply with the rules under the Health and Safety Regulations. This will help to minimize the risk of being affected by the bacteria.

To ensure that a non domestic building is efficient in all respects, building contractors are required to obtain various certificates, which are mentioned above, which are required under the law, governing Building Regulations in the UK. For carrying out compliance surveys, you can safely depend upon green zone surveys, due to their proficiency and experience in conducting these types of surveys, and helping the building contractors to obtain the required certificates. From conducting surveys to placing real time reports, and giving advice on the changes necessary for improving the efficiency of a building, there can be no better alternative than Green Zone Surveys.

Green Zone Surveys are specialists in building compliance surveys and  energy assessors, providing an array of services for obtaining necessary certificates, required under Building Regulations, in the UK.

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