Key Considerations Before Buying Remote-Controlled Boats Like Feilun Ft011

Gone are the days when there was a limited range of toys and equipment for leisure and adventure. These days, an exciting range of remote controlled devices is available. One category of such devices is that of remote controlled boat toys that are appreciated by kids and grown-ups alike. Water activities have been one of the most popular outdoor activities and these toys take speed boat-riding experience to a different level altogether.

These boats are suitable for all ages, making them ideal to carry on family picnics and vacations on the beach or on the lake-side. Before you purchase one of these, it is important to know the features of the boat you are thinking of buying. For example, Feilun FT011 is a model with features like top speed of 50 km/h and self-righting. Here they see what are the key features that you should look for when you purchase a remote-controlled boat.


As with any adventure sport, safety is of primary concern. Some models have a self-righting system by which the boat becomes upright automatically if it is flipped in water. This feature is a great advantage as it minimises accidents.

Maximum speed

The thrill of a speed boat ride can only be experience at a speed that is high enough for such an activity. Therefore, one must check the maximum speed that a remote-controlled boat can reach. Different models will have different limits and it is a good idea to compare several models before purchasing.

Control range

One of the key differences in different models of any remote-controlled product is the maximum distance and range from which it can be fully controlled by the remote. For example, the control range for Feilun FT011 is up to 150 metres. This range is all the more important for products meant for outdoor usage. It is always better to select a product with a high control range.

Battery life and charging time

For a satisfying experience, these boats should give a powerful ride for a fair amount of time. A boat that reaches top speed and then shuts down quickly will not have an experience as good as from the one that offers a ride for long. Therefore, having an idea about the battery life of the boat is recommended before buying it. Similarly, the time it needs to charge its battery should also be known. Battery life indicators are also a useful feature, so that the boat rider can monitor how much battery is left and is not stranded in the middle of water.

Design and ease of handling

This feature will probably vary for different users handling the same model, but one must compare the general design, the turning radius and the ease of handling and controlling different models.

Knowing what to look for in a product makes it easy for the customer to make an informed purchase. In addition to the above points, the reader is encouraged to read online reviews regarding the use, comparative cost and maintenance of different models before making a purchase.

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