A Guide To A Smooth Business Relocation

Whether you run a medium sized office or a series of warehouses, relocation can be a very challenging undertaking, and one cannot simply shut down the business while the relocation is in progress. Only by using an experienced relocation company can you expect to carry out the move without it having an adverse effect on the business. Like the home, a commercial facility can contain much more than you imagined, as stuff gets stored and forgotten about, so it is essential to create a comprehensive list of what is to me relocated and what is to be disposed of.

Online Solutions

You might be wondering how to make contact with a commercial removal company, and like most things, the Internet provides the answer. You might be searching for a warehouse removalist in Melbourne, or Sydney, and a Google search – which is location based – will bring up a list of potential contractors. Unless your company can be run from a single workstation, resist the temptation to go down the DIY route with the relocation, and by enlisting the help of a commercial removal firm, you can be sure there will be no incidents. They have done this a million times, and with their intimate knowledge of packing and storing, everything will be labelled and prepared for the move.

The Time for a Cleanout

As when moving house, this is the perfect opportunity to dispose of what you don’t need. The removal company would appoint a project manager, who would, with your help, create an inventory of exactly what is to be included in the move, and what is to be disposed of. These are details best left to the experts, and with all your staff focusing on their responsibilities, the relocation will have minimal impact on your daily activities.

Racking and Shelving

Most warehouses use a specific racking and shelving system, and if this is to be relocated, the removal company can handle this, and with the new premises already fitted out, your stock can easily be categorised as before. The new space must be prepared in advance, and rather than take your own staff away from their regular work, the removal contractor is fully equipped to dismantle and reassemble shelving and racking.

Trolleys and Platforms

The secret to a smooth relocation in a commercial environment is having the right equipment, and the project manager would make a list of what is needed in advance, and with the right equipment, everything can be easily moved around and finally stored in its place.

Adequate Transportation

You will need a fleet of vehicles, and only an established commercial remover would have what you need. They would be fully equipped, and the trucks would be prepared in advance and be ready as equipment is packaged ready for transportation.

One should make contact a few months prior to the move dates, as this gives the removal company time to organise everything, and with their expertise and a lot of planning, your business will soon be operating from its new premises.

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