Four Benefits Of Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is one of the most commonly used types of freight shipping methods in the US.

Here are some of the top advantages of a career in flatbed trucking.

1. Higher Pay Throughout Your Career

While not all flatbed truckers will make more than dry van truckers, a job as a flatbed trucker can give you better pay over a long period of time. The unique nature of the trailer and freight means that flatbed trucking companies are likely to pay drivers more. You can also earn extra income by setting up tarps, securing freight, and supervising the loading process.

2. Less Time Spent on Loading and Unloading

The amount of weight carried on the flatbed may be higher, but you’ll likely spend less time on the loading process. This is because dry vans are loaded with individual pallets that have to be packed one at a time via the rear doors. A flatbed shipperis typically loaded with two or more larger items, or material that takes less time to load sideways such as l-beams, steel rods, and industrial pipes.

3. Get More Exercise

A majority of dry van truck drivers spend most of their time behind the wheel while loading, but flatbed truckers are responsible for tightening straps, anchoring chains, and securing tarps, among other tasks.

This work allows the driver to frequently move, keeping them healthier and in a better mood. You’ll also be able to maintain a healthy physique, getting a workout for the legs, back, and arms.

4. Haul a Wider Range of Freight

CDL drivers working in flatbed trucking jobs often see the most interesting types of freight. You may carry anything from military vehicles to industrial equipment and pre-made homes, keeping the job engaging.

Are There Disadvantages to Flatbed Trucking?

Unfortunately, flatbed trucking isn’t without its downsides. Certain disadvantages keep some drivers away from the profession, including the fact that flatbed trucking is more dangerous because of heavy freight and other hazards, and an increased chance of losing loads when shifting on the road. Because of the dangers that come with flatbed trucking, drivers are also often required to go through more state, federal, and local government inspections.

Get the Training You Need for a Successful Career

Despite the many challenges that come with a career as a flatbed truck driver, you should be able to perform all of the accompanying tasks well if you go through the proper training and education prior to getting to work.

You can develop a unique set of skills that many others in the trucking industry don’t have, opening the door to a fruitful career as a flatbed trucker.

You’ll be able to see the many benefits that come with being a flatbed trucker over the disadvantages you might find in other trucking careers, with potentially higher pay and more engaging work ahead.

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