Aptitude Tests For Engineering Jobs

Have you done your engineering course at a reputed institution? Hopefully, you have done well and now looking for a dream job? You must be ready for the aptitude tests that will be organized by the companies you are seeking a job. As engineering is a technical profession, the style of aptitude tests will be a bit different than others. There will be mechanical aptitude test along with lots of other criteria. It is true that you will be tested through the usual contents of aptitude tests, but there will be more. Let’s find out the engineering aptitude tests that are organized by the engineering farms to test the basic knowledge of the candidates.

Aptitude Tests for Engineering

Usually, engineering aptitude tests are organized to measure technical skills of the candidates. The specialized tests of engineering are a mechanical aptitude test, diagrammatic reasoning, and spatial test. Apart from these tests, there is fault diagnosis test which is also included in the list of engineering aptitude test.

How do you need to prepare for these tests? Usually, engineering aptitude tests are based on your syllabus and knowledge of engineering that you gain through your 4-year course. The numerical and verbal skills are based on your practice from childhood while the technical reasoning skill will be tested to know how much knowledge you are on the field. There are certain skills that employer always looks for in the candidates and that’s why they organize engineering aptitude tests. That are-

  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to details
  • Detecting ability and analytical potential of systematic themes in data.

Types of Engineering Aptitude Test

While talking about engineering aptitude tests, there are certain tests that companies arrange are different than the common tests. The basic aptitude tests, like numerical ability, in-tray exercises, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, etc. are there. But, the tests that are exclusive on this field are-

  1. Mechanical Aptitude Test

This test is arranged to evaluate candidates’ knowledge of physical and mechanical principles. When several types of tests are there which concentrate on skills, this test is particularly for checking the knowledge of candidates. The essential topics, on which mechanical test is arranged, are mechanics with forces, motion, and energy, circuits, electricity, magnetism, voltage, tool, and terminologies. While appearing this test you may be asked to explain how to apply these principles to gears, pulleys, and levers.

  1. Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

This test is to assess your reasoning skill through the representation of diagrams. You will be given lots of diagrams and illustrations which you will need to explain logically. Actually, this type of tests is to evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform analytically in the critical and complex situation.

  1. Spatial Ability Test

Here you will be given shapes. Yes, the spatial reasoning test is to evaluate how shapes work, how to rotate them, move them and look at them from a different point of views.

These are the basis of engineering aptitude tests, organized by the engineering firms. If you are the one to get the best job at the top class company, you should start preparing for that.

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